– Are the swing chains included?

The Basic chains are included.

– Are the swings painted or stained?

They are shipped un-finished, this allows you to paint or stain them to your color scheme.

– When should I paint or stain my swing?

We recommend painting or staining prior to assembly. When your unit arrives it is ready to be painted or stained.

– What type of wood are the swings made?

The swings are constructed from Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Pine.

– How do I maintain my swing?

Each swing is shipped with a brochure explaining proper maintenance.

– Are custom size swings available?

Yes, we do accept special orders, but there are some limits to what we will do.

– Do you sell swing frames or stands?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

– Where can I find a swing stand or frame?

There are several sites online that offer new frames, or you can search in your area for a used frame.

– Are your swings in any brick and mortar stores?

Yes, we do have a few local retailers. Check out or events / dealers page to locate us.

– How are the units shipped?

All swings & footrests are shipped un-assembled, via UPS. Our other items are shipped either UPS or
by USPS.

– How long does it take to assemble a swing?

Depending on the swing involved, allow 45 – 90 minutes.